It is going to take the entire community to address concerns and issues that are going on in and around the clubhouse.

There have been numerous complaints of kids yanking open the doors, instead of using access cards, of the community center and the exercise room. This is going to cause the doors to break and going to cost money to repair.

There have also been numerous complaints of issues in the bathrooms. Feces and red sticky liquid (not blood but probably designed to look like it) smeared all over the mirrors, sinks and toilet, wet toilet paper thrown on ceilings and walls as well as numerous toilets clogged with items. All these issues have and will cost us extra money to clean up and repair.

If we can identify the people (there are cameras all over clubhouse) doing these damages, charges can and will be filed with the Manatee County Sheriff’s office and the video will be turned over as evidence.

If you have kids, please talk to them, and ask them to respect the community. If you have kids using the exercise room (they need to be 16 or older), make sure they have an access card to enter.  Even if you think it might not be your child, we are asking you to talk to them anyway.

If you see something say something, if you can do something about it safely, please do it. Everyone can report it via the contact section of our website or email to Elizabeth ([email protected]) please include the date and time of the incident.

If these incidents continue, we may be forced to hire the security company to patrol the clubhouse causing extra expenses and most likely cause an increase in HOA dues.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the foregoing do not hesitate to contact the Board of Directors or the Association Manager, Elizabeth Handwerger at [email protected] to discuss further.