When are the Board of Directors Meetings?

Board Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month (No scheduled meeting in Dec)
at 6:00pm. Meetings are held at Bayside Community Church 15800 E. State Road 64 Bradenton FL 34212
Room is normally the “Two by Two” room but please check agenda for confirmation.

Do I need approval before installing a fence?

Yes. Please download and complete the architectural review application here.

What are the pool and gym hours?

The pool and gym are open daily from 5:00am to 10:00pm. The pool pavilion area may be rented for private events and will be unavailable during those times.

The street lights on my street are not working

Let us know by using the contact form on this site. We’ll make sure the right people are informed so it can be fixed.

Are we permitted to park on the street?

Cars are permitted to park on the street anytime between the hours of 5:00am and 11:59pm

Can we park on the grass or block the sidewalk?

No, the governing documents specifically address this. You may park in your garage or in your driveway (may block sidewalk) but you may not park in your grass.

How do I reserve the pool pavilion for an event?

Download and complete this form.

Can I reserve the playground area for an event?

Download and complete this form. Residents may host small events at the tables but the playground must always be open to all community members.

My garage and driveway aren’t big enough for all the vehicles. What are my options?

The governing documents do not allow you to park cars on the street or block the sidewalk. You may park cars in the common areas around the pool but there is no language in the governing documents that allow exceptions to the parking rules.

Can we post political signs or banners?

No signs or banners of any sort are allowed regardless of the content of the sign or banner.

Are community areas monitored?

Community areas have security cameras installed that are recording activity. The HOA does not monitor areas in real time.

There’s a problem with my home. Can the HOA help?

Please contact DR Horton directly. The HOA is not affiliated with DR Horton in any way and unfortunately, cannot help with warranty issues.

People are driving at a high rate of speed. What can we do?

Residents are encouraged to obey posted speed limit signs for the safety of everybody. Please call the Manatee County Sheriff’s office to report unlawful driving. The HOA cannot enforce traffic laws.

What can the HOA do about unruly kids?

The HOA only enforces policies contained in the governing documents, law enforcement address violations of laws, and parents are charged with raising their children. In all cases, healthy communication with the proper people is the best way to address issues.

We live in an outstanding community filled with outstanding people. Healthy conversations to address issues or conflict will only make our community stronger.

Does the HOA have an official Facebook page?

The HOA does have an official Facebook page and but does not monitor the contents of any community social media pages. Board officials do not comment on HOA matters on social media.

How Can I learn about what happened at past HOA meetings?

Go to the HOA page of this website. All meeting minutes are posted there as soon as they become available.

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