HOA Board of Directors

The Del Tierra Home Owners Association, Inc. Board of Directors is composed of five officers. Directors are elected for rotating terms of two years. The all-volunteer board is responsible for creating policy, establishing long-term goals, monitoring the community, and the allocation of resources. The board also establishes committees to carry out policies, organize events, provide expert advice, and other reasons as needs arise.


Kasey Wright – President

Greg Updegraff  – Vice President

Hector Morales – Treasurer

Emma Cecil – Director at Large

Christopher Yates – Secretary


The board has contracted with C&S Community Management to administer the day to day business activities of the community. Residents should use the contact form for all communication with The Board of Directors or C&S Community Management. Inquiries will be routed to the appropriate person.

Board Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month (No scheduled meetings in June and Dec) at 6:00pm.

Room is normally the “Two of a Kind” room but please check agenda for confirmation.

Have a questions? Check our common question page or contact us.

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