We are asking and reminding our Del Tierra Residents to take the extra step to make sure that they pick up any trash they may see in the streets, common areas and yards. This trash, if not picked up, ends up in our ponds and storm water drains. Not only does it not look good it also causes environmental issues like killing our wildlife or as we are in hurricane season it can cause the storm water drains to clog.

Also DO NOT blow your grass clippings into the street as not only is that a violation of Manatee county code it is also a violation of our Architectural guideline and a finable offense.

As per the Manatee County Disaster Planning Guide:

Never sweep or blow yard leaves, pine needles, grass clippings or soil into the street or storm water system. This clogs up the stormwater pipes and prevents water from draining.

We can all help keep Del Tierra clean and beautiful.

Thank you

~your Del Tierra HOA Board of Directors