Effective August 31, 2021, Progressive Community Management (Justin Patterson) will no longer be Del Tierra’s Management Company.

The new management company will be C&S Community Management Services (https://www.cscmsi.com/), the new association manager/CAM will be Elizabeth Handwerger.

The new management company will have an office in our community center right inside the main gate.

Elizabeth’s hours in the community will be

Mon – 9am to 2pm

Tues – 9am to 2pm

Wed – 3pm to 8pm

Thur – 3pm to 8pm

Fri – 9am to 2pm.

She will be in that office (or in the community) during those hours. You will be able to go to the office if you have questions or concerns as well as conduct business like purchasing window strips, reserve the pavilions. Etc. You will also be able to reach the manager via email or phone outside of the 25 hours and C&S will also provide 24×7 support when needed.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the foregoing do not hesitate to contact the Board of Directors here or the Association Manager, Elizabeth Handwerger at [email protected] to discuss further.