Your Homeowners Association Board of Directors (BoD) Is in need of homeowners that are willing to volunteer their time to be on the Del Tierra Hearing Committee.

What is the hearing committee?

Our Governing Documents and the Florida Homeowners Association Act authorize the Board of Directors to levy fines against Lot owners, Members, Tenants, and Guests for violations of the Governing Documents. However, any fine levied by the Board must be confirmed by the hearing committee.

How often are the hearing meetings held?

They will be scheduled monthly. The date and time can be modified to fit the hearing committee members availability as long as there is a place to hold these hearings. There will be months when hearings are not needed.

What is the hearing committee process?

The management company will present to the hearing committee an identified issue/concern/condition or action regarding  a resident or home that the Board of Directors believes violates the Governing Documents of Del Tierra and that the Board of Directors has levied a fine against the alleged offending Lot owner, Member, Tenant, or Guest.

The alleged offender will have an opportunity to present his or her side of the story and basically defend themselves against the alleged violation to which a fine has been levied. After both sides of the story have been presented the hearing committee will caucus and will either approve the fine as levied by the Board of Directors, or reject the fine.

If the fine is approved the offender will have time to pay the fine and/or the Association will have remedies provided by our Governing Documents to collect the fine. If the fine is rejected, the matter is over and the offender owes nothing to the Association.

How many people do we need?

There needs to be a minimum of three (3) people on the committee, but we would like to have about seven (7) as we know not everyone can make every meeting or they may have a conflict on a violation.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, please let Justin Patterson know at [email protected].

Thank You

-your Del Tierra HOA Board of Directors