Del Tierra Homeowners’ Association, Inc.

January 23, 2023


Deal Del Tierra Residents,

As you may remember, in August of 2022, the amendment for Golf Carts in the Del Tierra Homeowners Association was passed. It was filed with Manatee County on September 15, 2022 and became a new amendment to our Documents.

The board of directors and myself have been working diligently on the registration process and have received the last items that we need to proceed.

On January 28, 2023 from 9:00 am – 12:00pm, in front of the clubhouse, the board of directors and myself will be holding a Golf Cart Registration day.

During this process, you will need to bring your Government issued ID, Golf Cart for photos to be taken, a check or money order for $50.00 made out to Del Tierra HOA and proof of insurance. Each individual driver aged 14 years old and older, must be present to sign a waiver releasing liability. If a driver is between 14 and 18, a parent/guardian must be present during the signing. If a driver is not available to sign the waiver, they will not be allowed to drive the Golf Cart until they do. 

Once you have received your plate, it must be displayed on the front of your Golf Cart at all times.

Remember: ALL GOLF CARTS MUST BE REGISTERED AND HAVE A DEL TIERRA LICENSE PLATE. The driver of the cart must obey the laws for driving a cart.

Any violation of the laws, could be subjected to fines and or towing.

If you are unable to make the registration on this day, please contact Joe Dobson, the Association manager at 941-744-9009 or by email during normal business hours to schedule an appointment.

Joe Dobson, CAM, Notary 

Association Manager 

[email protected]