Tuesday 1/17/2023 – 6:00PM
Bayside Community Church East Campus
15800 SR 64 Bradenton 34212
Two by Two Room


I. Welcome and Call to Order
a. Confirm Board Quorum
II. Approval of the Minutes
III. Review Board of Directors meeting process and rules
IV. Reports
a. Financial – Hector
b. Hearing Committee – Joe
c. Events Committee – Emma
V. Old Business
a. Golf Cart registration update – Joe
b. Collection Policy – Joe/Hector/Kasey
c. Irrigation Cepra/Manatee County – Joe
VI. New Business
a. Landscaping proposals – Joe
b. Cepra proposals (Regrade and backfill) – Joe
c. Red1 Quote for camera system upgrade – Chris
d. HOA Janitor/Handyman – Kasey/Joe
e. Christmas Decorations – Joe
f. Email Blasts – Community Events – Joe
VII. CCR Violations
a. Inspector Summary and proposed fines – Joe
VIII. Architectural Review Committee – Mike
IX. Leasing Application
X. Announcements
XI. Next Meeting – February 21, 2023 at 6:00pm at Bayside Community Church East Campus
XII. Adjourn