The barrier arms at our front entrance are ready to go active. The barrier arms on the exit side of the community will go active on Wed 1/27/21 and the barrier arms on the entrance side of the community will go active on Wed 2/3/21

The HOA Board of Directors will be hosting their final virtual town hall in order to discuss the configuration of the barrier arm system that will be installed at our entry gates. Part of the discussion will also pertain to the use and functionality of the call box system that is installed at the main entrance.

Date:  Sunday Jan 24th, 2021

Time: 2pm

Call in number: 813-483-2425 Passcode 135790

A guideline has been written to help with the use of the call box system. That guideline can be found here.

Please join so we can answer any questions you may have.

If you after the town hall you have any questions or concerns regarding the foregoing do not hesitate to contact any of the Board of Directors or the Association Manager, Justin Patterson at [email protected] to discuss further.