The Barrier Arms on the exit side of our community are now active, the entry side will go active on Wed 2/3/2021. Please remember that they are designed and programmed for one car at a time. Make sure you come to a complete stop when approaching the barrier arms and wait for arms and gates to completely open before proceeding.

If a vehicle hits the arms or gates and causes damage, a police report will be filed and the vehicle owner will be held responsible for paying for the complete cost of the repairs.

 The pedestrian gates on the entry and exit walkways are being repaired including the replacement of the keypad used for access.

Homeowners recently received an email letter informing them of the code for the pedestrian gate. If you did not receive the letter, please use the information below to contact the association manager or HOA Board to request the code. Please include your name and address in the request so that residency can be validated.

Also please make sure that the pedestrian gates are closed at all times.

If you any questions or concerns regarding the foregoing do not hesitate to contact the Board of Directors here or the Association Manager, Justin Patterson to discuss further.