Annual Meeting Reminder

To: All Members and Owners in Del Tierra

Next Tuesday 7/20/21 at 6pm is our annual meeting and our monthly Board of Directors (BoD) meeting


Please join us next week in person or on the conference bridge to hear from your existing BoD and also your new member of the BoD as we discuss important issues related to Del Tierra.


Attached are the agendas for both meetings which will run consecutively, which has all the logistical information.


The meeting will be held at Bayside Community Church (East Bradenton Campus) in the teen auditorium. The room is large enough to social distance for anyone that has concerns. We would love to see people attend in person.


Board of Directors Meeting

Annual Meeting Agenda


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the foregoing do not hesitate to contact the Board of Directors via the contact section of our website (( or the Association Manager, Justin Patterson at [email protected] to discuss further.