Your Homeowners Association Board of Directors (BoD) would like to inform you that the annual members meeting originally scheduled for Monday July 13th has been cancelled.

The primary agenda item for our annual members meeting is to open and count the ballots of the members that have chosen to run for your Board of Directors. This year there is no need to perform this task as ONLY 2 people (Vicki Hommel and Bob Ten Haaf) in a community of 610 homes have chosen to run for the board.  With four seats available and only two submissions of intent to be a candidate, Vicki and Bob with fill two of the four vacancies. Mike Lynch will continue to serve the remaining one year from his election in 2019.

Our governing documents allows the BoD to be run with a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 5 members. As such the initial BoD will run with 3 members until it finds and appoints additional HOA members that are interested in serving our community. All appointed BoD will serve for one year and those positions will be up for election again in 2021.

The next BoD meeting will be held via Teleconference on Tuesday July 21st at 6pm.

The BoD are still looking for members to volunteer to be on the BoD and hearing committees. If any other HOA members are interested in serving on the hearing committee please send Justin Patterson ([email protected]) an email informing him of your interest.

Thank You your Del Tierra HOA Board of Directors