Considering recent community chatter and uproar, I feel it is time to set the record straight. In January of this year, I instructed Joe to lock the unisex bathroom as it had become a haven for teens to copulate and other nonsense. After personally walking in on teenagers engaged in such behavior, I felt it appropriate to secure that facility out of an abundance of caution. I instructed Joe to get a locksmith and have a keyed lock placed on the door. I also instructed him that he might as well use that as a bathroom during this time. 

This has not been an issue until June 1, 2023, when this became a major point of contention in the community. At no time did Joe demand, request or otherwise suggest he have his own facility. Joe was told to use the facility since it was going to remain secure to avoid unsavory behaviors. The HOA is not and never will be a substitution for parenting or babysitting anyone’s children. However, due to liability and safety concerns, the bathroom was locked. 

The barrage set forth on social media towards Joe is not only misplaced; it is also disrespectful and boarders on slander. If you were one that took part in any of the negative and disrespectful comments on social media, I encourage you to apologize to Joe personally and direct your anger and frustrations towards myself as the decision was mine. Jumping to conclusions on social media can result in negative consequences. 

The particulars posted to social media were never mentioned or spoken to any members of the community outside of the Board of the Directors. How this private communication ended up on a public forum, where part of the truth was then manipulated into slanderous accusations is being investigated. Moving forward, I encourage each one of you in the community, if you have an issue with something, please come to the monthly board meetings so that we can handle things as adults and in a professional setting instead of jumping to conclusions on social media. 

I have lived in the community since its inception in 2015 and at no point have members of this community felt more entitled than they do currently. It seems that no matter what is done by the Board, it is not enough, nor is it the correct decision or worst of all, not appreciated. Members of the Board volunteer their time out of a desire to improve their community. We live here just like you; pay the dues just like you and want the best for the community, just like you. 

If any one of you feel convicted enough to want to bring solutions not just complaints to the community to better the neighborhood in which you call home, please submit your intent to run for the Board by the upcoming deadline. 

The office will be closed next week as Joe is on a scheduled vacation. All communications can be directed toward the Board via the website “contact us” link or you can refer to the social media post that initiated this correspondence. As we all know, not everyone will be happy or feel this announcement is appropriate or even sincere. It has become painfully obvious that some members of our community are only happy when they are complaining about something.