MAY 23, 2023

The Board would like to give the community progress updates on things that are taking place within the community.

  • Pool: The pool has been completed and has reopened. Parents/Guardians, please remember that Children under the Age of 16 SHOULD NOT be at the pool without adult supervision. There have been many incidents involving Children being disrespectful to other people in the pool. This behavior should not be occurring. Adults should not engage with someone else’s child. A few things to remember, No Glass, No Alcoholic Beverages, No Running and No Diving! Please do not bring your bicycles, scooter, skates, skateboards, hover-boards or any other type of vehicle into the pool area. These items should remain outside of the enclosed pool area.  Please remember to take all your items from the pool area. If they are left longer than 15 days, they will be disposed of.
  • Lawn care: The new company has only been on property for 3 weeks. I have been working with them and sharing the community’s concerns about how common areas/lakes/clubhouse are looking.  As with any new relationship, there are ups and downs.  Please give them a chance to make things right. If there are items that are not being done, please email me with pictures and addresses, so that these items can be addressed to the landscaping account manager. Please remember, the Board wants the community to look its best, just as much as you do. They will make changes as appropriate.
  • Front Gate Visitor Call Box: The forms that were sent out about a month ago asking for your information, your fob/sticker numbers and vehicle information, were so that the new gate system could be programed with the correct information for set up and installation. If you have not returned the forms, please do so as soon as possible so that the updated system can be implemented. You can click here Resident Information Form to fill them out online. Yes, you will still be able to use the amenity/gate cards/fobs and the stickers. Your current callbox code will remain the same.
  • Gym AC: Was fixed and is preset to a temp of 73 degrees. Please do not attempt to adjust the thermostat. We do not want to pay for the service again.
  • Cameras:  Several more cameras are going to be added to the subdivision for additional security. It is evident that security is a major concern to the residents.
  • Pool Pavilion/Playground Pavilion Reservation: If you wish to reserve either of these areas, please fill out the Reservation Form (found here) (Link) and return to Joe at least 7 days in advance. Clean up after your guests and put all trash in your own garbage bags and place in the appropriate receptacle for pick up. Don’t forget that there is a $250 refundable deposit for the Pool Pavilion payable by check.
  • Scooter Jim Memorial Bench:  A memorial sign is being designed and once it arrives, the memorial bench will be completed.  The Board has been working with Mrs. Jim for placement.